Bumper Investments is a French company specialized in real estate investment.
The company was established in 1988 and its headquarters are in Lyon, France.
Bumper invests in properties and developments across France and is constantly seeking out new projects.

Our profession :

  • The acquisition of buildings or clusters of buildings all over France.
  • The rehabilitation and resale of individual units, once the building has been divided and renovations of common areas have been completed.
  • Property developments of chalets in Courchevel and villas in the Gulf of St Tropez.
  • The elevation of co-owned buildings by way of the construction of additional rooftop floors via our structure: www.bumperrooftop.fr 
  • Property transaction via our real estate agency: www.bumperfrance.fr

Bumper Investments is continuously pursuing new investment opportunities in France and has recently began expanding its focus to invest in real estate projects in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon.

Our knowledge and expertise of the French real estate market provides us with the ability to recognize profitable investment opportunities and analyze the potential of future real estate projects. 

We work alongside and collaborate with other real estate professionals in addition to providing project proposals, guidance, follow up and project management to outside investors who wish to dive into the real-estate market.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and only propose investment projects when we ourselves invest in the proposal. By co-investing with our investors, our shared responsibilities ensure the best possible outcome of each project.